Umbraco CMS installation in visual studio using nuget package manager

Installing Umbraco in visual studio 2015

In this article I will show you how you can install Umbraco CMS in your visual studio project
Umbraco is a powerful .net CMS built in technology which provide a great flexibility and robustness to your rich dynamic website.

Step 1

Create a new visual studio (empty) MVC project in Visual studio 2015 Now navigate to

  • Tools=>NuGet package manager=>package manager console
  • Now write down below command in package manager console.

    Install-Package UmbracoCms

    Visual studio will start downloading required packages and will take some time to complete this process.

    you might see some messages from nuget console like
  • File 'Global.asax' already exists in project 'UmbracoCMSLearning'. Do you want to overwrite it?
  • Simply press 'A' from your key board to complete installation process

    Running first Umbraco site

    Now when you see success message in nuget console then just hit cntrl+F5 and run the project.

    You will see an Welcome screen on which you configure your project to continue.